Inner Sanctuary Yoga


Breath-Centered Yoga

This therapeutic class explores the ways in which the use of breath can support and inform the movement of our body. In each class you’ll be invited to use breath to gently coax your body, mind and heart into fluid movement at a depth that feels most appropriate for you in that moment. The class will end with a little extra meditation time, to allow for reflection and an integration of the energies moved during the class. Appropriate for all levels, all bodies.


Breath-Centered Yoga for Bone Health

The same breath centered you've come to know and love, but each class will use small hand weights in vinyasas (sequences) specifically designed to build bone density and help prevent osteoporosis, as well as increase overall strength and tone, while improving balance, coordination and flexibility.


Gentle/Restorative Yoga


While still adhering to the principles of breath-centered yoga this class is a softer practice that includes slower movement combined with postures where the body is supported using props (blankets, blocks and bolsters). Practitioners are encouraged to hold the supported postures longer and  find comfort in each pose. This is a wonderful opportunity to destress from a long day and restore body, mind and heart. Includes some guided meditation.


Back Care Yoga

In each class we'll emphasize a breath-oriented approach, focusing on bringing well-being to the spine by linking conscious breathing to fluid movements in sequences designed to decrease discomfort and increase your strength, flexibility and core stability. The class is great for people with previous back injuries or for those that want to prevent them. If you have a previous back injury, please consult your doctor before taking the class.

Balance Intensive 

A Breath Centered Approach to Cultivating Balance

The only way to become more balanced is to practice balancing! Join us for these fun and informative classes as we explore the many ways we can restore balance in our bodies and our lives. In each class we’ll explore postures and practices designed to identify and troubleshoot specific physical challenges when it comes to maintaining balance in movement and stillness. Then we’ll use concrete and specific tools designed to improve our strength, stability, ease and sense of balance. The benefits of this practice will also extend beyond the classroom and enhance functional movement and posture in your daily life.


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Mary’s gentle and caring approach to yoga transforms lives through gentle breath-centered yoga at Progressive Rehabilitation Associates (PRA). At PRA, we work with people who have managed persistent pain conditions for years, sometimes decades. Mary adapts her techniques to meet the individual needs of each person or physical challenge. This helps our clients get comfortable after years of discomfort and provides ample choice to help people reclaim physical and emotional power. Our clients tell us that Mary’s yoga relieves their pain, improves their sleep, increases their energy, and provides an incredible sense of well-being. Nurturing and intuitive, Mary guides people back into movement by teaching them to listen to their body and their inner voice, helping them rediscover freedom and independence.
— Kris Fant, LMHC, LPC, NCC; Lead Therapist at PRA’s Pain Rehabilitation Program
Mary offers a nurturing, mindful focus on functional yoga to benefit each body’s needs. Her soothing voice and compassionate presence are sure to enhance your yoga experience!
— Jayna Gieber, Spiritual Director, People of the Heart
I began attending yoga classes because I was experiencing generalized aches and pains that disturbed my sleep and affected my quality of life. Decades of desk-bound employment were simply wearing on my poor body and it was demanding that I pay attention. Mary’s Back Care yoga classes and workshops have been a true gift in my practice, guiding me to explore and expand my limits over the past seven months. I’m more flexible, in far less pain, sleeping better than I’ve slept in years, and I owe it all to yoga. The poses Mary has taught me are superb and I often use them during the work day when I slip away for a little “yoga break” to stretch out the kinks. The gentleness of the postures belies their effectiveness – easing and opening without strain or pain. I look forward to every class with Mary as she guides her students with such loving care to understand their own bodies and discover new paths to wellness through this beautiful practice.
— Anne M, Vancouver, WA